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XXV ISPRS Congress

The year 2026 will mark the 116th year of international cooperation in the geospatial sciences since the ISP was founded in 1910.
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More About Us...

The congress bid is being led by individuals and volunteers from the Canadian Remote Sensing Society - Société Canadienne de Télédétection. The vision for this congress is made possible by the willingness to share ideas, information and the science with which we work on a daily basis across national borders.


We look forward to the opportunity to celebrate the many achievements of the ISPRS and its members and set the stage for the future as we hope that the member organizations of the ISPRS come together in Toronto in 2026.


At the same time as we look back on the history of our field as we always do at the Congress, we will most definitely be looking to the future. We know that the world today depends on geospatial information – from economic development to mitigating and responding to climate change.


The information that we develop is critical: our science and technologies underpin much of the world’s economic and environmental activities. The story of imagery to understanding bears telling – and we plan to work with the rest of the world to tell it in Toronto in 2026.

Bid Committee Members

Derek Lichti.jpg

Derek Lichti
University of Calgary
Candidate Congress Director

Costas Armenakis.jpg

Costas Armenakis
York University

Steve DeRoy.jpg

Steve DeRoy
Director, The Firefighter Group


Shabnam Jabari University of New Brunswick

Brigitte Leblon.jpg

Brigitte LeBlon
University of New Brunswick

Songnian Li.png

Songnian Li
Ryerson University

Gordon Staples.jpg

Gordon Staples

Des Power.jpg

Desmond Power

Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi.jpg

Mir Abolfazl Mostafavi
Laval University

Ahmed Shaker.png

Ahmed Shaker
Ryerson University

Bob Ryerson.jpg

Robert A. (Bob) Ryerson
Kim Geomatics