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Montmorency Falls and Île d'Orléans


Montmorency Falls and Île d'Orléans


Visit of the Montmorency Falls Park. It is located a few minutes from Québec City. Between river and cliffs, it is one of the most spectacular sites in the province. Standing 83 meters high, 30 meters higher than Niagara Falls, the imposing Montmorency Falls dominates the landscape.

Visit of Île d'Orléans. This island brings together all the charm of Québec province! Celebrated by Félix Leclerc, anchored in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River, the small 34 km / 8 km island has jealously preserved its old churches, its farmers' and craftsmen's houses, its heritage Québec houses, some with sloping roofs pierced with high dormers in the Norman-Picardy tradition and surrounded by apple orchards. The island produces apples and strawberries, but it is also famous for its maple groves, beehives and cattle ranches.

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